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The time came to return to work after maternity leave my daughter was just under a year. We have visited to many nursery’s and in some cases twice but it never felt right. We then found an advert in the village magazine and The Woodleys were found. I visited Alison and as soon as I walked in the front door I knew this was the right place for Isla to be.
Isla has now been there three years and looks to this nursery as her second home and she is treated as part of their family (not just another child). Alison and her team have supported Isla, challenged and helped her to develop to a happy confident little girl.
The activities to help the children learn and develop are fun and fantastically planned. Recent trips have been to Maldon to the splash park, fruit picking, pottery paining, soft play and exploring the great outdoors.
All the children are happy and play well together. Isla constantly talks about the friends she has made at Alisons. 
Little Pickles Playhouse is an outstanding setting for children to learn, have fun and make friends

Hannah Mckay


My 3 year old twin boys have attended Little Pickles Playhouse for 6 months now, and I can say that I am extremely happy with the service that Alison, Shannon and Jessica provide. It is a very friendly, welcoming setting, where the children can play and learn in a family orientated environment.

Alison provides the children with a wide variety of fun learning activities daily, where there is always something new for them to do, continually stretching and teaching them new skills. She regularly takes them on exciting trips during the school holidays, which the children love.

One of my twins has Downs Syndrome, therefore learning difficulties. Alison has done over and above what is required of her to support him and his development, as she does all the children. She has purchased specialised learning resources to help him, and works daily with him on his speech therapy exercises. Alison has also taught herself and her team Makaton sign language  to enable her to communicate with my child, and also incorporates this into the daily routines so all of the other children can benefit from this.

I highly recommend Little Pickles Playhouse, and so do my children!

Helen Price


Four years have passed since that first meeting, and our little baby has grown into a boy. Alison and her team have been there for our family every step of the way, providing our son with a loving home away from home, and us as parents with invaluable information, advice and support.

Alison was an outstanding childminder, and we are thrilled that she has expanded her business by building Little Pickles Playhouse. It is a testament to her hard work and dedication, and a wonderful opportunity for even more families to benefit from her expertise.

We are particularly pleased that Shannon is now a full-time member of staff, as she has been our babysitter for several years and she has a wonderful way with children. As with Alison, we trust Shannon unreservedly. The same is true of Jessica and Wayne, as we know that everyone at Little Pickles Playhouse follows Alison's impeccable lead.

If our son could type he would have a lot to add about how much fun he has and how much he learns, but actions speak louder than words. When we tell him that Alison is going to pick him up from school, his eyes light up, he smiles broadly and he does a classic pre-schooler's over-exaggerated fist-pump! We couldn't ask for more.

Kate Purdie


We have known Alison for almost two years through caring for our first daughter. Fifteen months later our second daughter joined the now little pickles playhouse. We have been delighted with the service provided. Both our girls are blossoming and developing beautifully ( though I am biased!!!). Being in a mixed age environment seems to encourage the children to care for each other, the older ones look out for the little ones and the little ones look up to and push their development to be like the big ones. I feel it is such a natural healthy environment. Being in a setting which is also a family home is also very comforting on the long days they have in nursery. I love the continuity that is available in the after school care available when they are older.

Alison's experience has been invaluable in supporting us through some sleep challenges and directing us on toilet training. Shannon and Jessica are mentioned daily in our house!

The flexibility of longer days was unique to little pickles and has enabled me to carry on working. We are grateful for all that they give to the girls and look forward to an ongoing relationship.

Mrs Saw




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